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Executive Coaching

Achieving your Goals, Objectives, and Dreams. 

Coaching for Leaders and Teams

Become the leader others want to follow.

Entrepreneur Coaching

Increase your leadership skills as your business grows. It's all about scale.

Coaching for Presence

Showing up with confidence and purpose.

Executive Coaching

Achieving your Goals, Objectives, and Dreams.

What does it mean to be an executive?  More importantly, what does it mean to be the most effective executive you can be.

Do you have the skills and experience to take on a new executive role, or have you recently been promoted into a new role and feel you lack key skills and experience to make you successful?  You look to your boss, the CEO for support, however, you quickly realize that they do not have time to coach you, you also realize that they thought you already had everything you needed to be successful in this role.

Behind every elite athlete, every professional player there is a dedicated and committed coach who is supporting, challenging and pushing to help their person become the best version of themselves that they can be.  Executive Coaching is for anyone who wants to succeed and achieve, someone who wants to be known for their ability to get things done while supporting the team around them.


Coaching for Leaders & Teams

Become the leader others want to follow.

Whether you lead a team of 3 or 300 we know you want to be the kind of leader that people follow because you inspire and support them, you make a way for them to achieve their goals, objectives and dreams.  In today’s highly complex and competitive world people have so many choices when it comes to where they “work”.  

Most people are looking for more than a job or a career, they are looking for a place to work that is functional and healthy, a place where ideas matter and hard work is rewarded.  People want to work for a “boss” who is focussed on what they and their team need to achieve.  They want to work for someone who has integrity, passion for the work and care for the people.  Above all else, people want to work for and with other like minded people who are there to get things done, to move the organization forward to create opportunity for others.  

Do you have what it takes to be the leader that people want to follow.  

Do you have the skills, experiences, determination to do what is right, what needs to be done even at risk to yourself.  The true test of a leader is someone who is willing to sacrifice it all for the right cause, outcome or goal.  Do you need someone to coach you and your team to become the high performing group that you know you can be.  Do you need an external perspective, someone who can help you cut through all the noise and focus with pinpoint accuracy. 


Entrepreneur Coaching

Grow as your business grows. It's all about scale.

You had a dream, an idea for something new, a new product or service or maybe a new way to develop, market or deliver an existing product or service.  You have spent lots of time and energy and many late nights to turn your dream into a reality.  Finally, you have traction and uptake, your target market loves what you have created and the business is growing and becoming your primary focus.

Your challenge is you have never run a company before, you don’t know the first thing about the first thing.  You wish you had someone to talk to to help you grow as your business grows but none of your friends knows the first thing about what you are dealing with.  You want to figure this out yourself because…. You have done that all along.  Something inside you says there must be a better way.

There is, coaching for entrepreneurs and startups can help you by bringing proven executive leadership as a strategic tool to support you and help you learn and grow personally as your business grows around you.  Choose today to become the best version of yourself, you own it to your business.


Coaching for Presence

Showing up with confidence and purpose.

How you show up is a choice that you make every minute of every day no matter what is happening around you.  You may not even be aware of how you show up or how others see and experience you.  How we see ourselves and how others see and experience us can make or break our ability to be effective as a leader or a member of a team.  

No matter what we are dealing with or what is happening around us we need to be focused on showing up in a way that is genuine, where we are thoughtful regarding our interactions and the way we choose to treat the people around you.

If you want to improve your presence and how you show up for others then you should consider coaching for presence.  Coaching for presence will create in you the self-awareness of you and how you appear before others in your life and work.  You will be given the tools and techniques to become the best and true version of yourself, allowing you to be the best you can be for those around you.

In this digital age where every interaction has turned into a message, it is time to spend time with people, to be present and create presence.


About Us


The Leadership Academy provides training and development for leaders and executives to assist them in achieving their personal and corporate goals and objectives.  We provide one-on-one executive coaching, leadership and team coaching as well as master class training in person and online.  At The Leadership Academy, our objective is to work with you to allow the best version of you to emerge. To be the most effective leader that you can be. We are translating our success and experience in business to serve you and see you succeed.

Chris Moore

Optimum Poema Vestrum - The Best Version of You

During my career, I have had many great opportunities to grow and develop as a leader.  I have worked for and with other great leaders who have taught me how to be effective in leading a team and organization, how to bring your whole self to your work and how to create opportunities for others.  I have enjoyed working in both the private and public sectors as I pursued my own goals and dreams. I have traveled the world speaking about change, transformation and what it means to have fulfillment and freedom in your work.  I have had the opportunity to work with many talented people over my career. People whom I have had the privilege to coach and mentor, to help them become the new and ‘best’ version of themselves.  

I have decided it is time to turn my passion into my mission and dedicate myself to investing in others, helping them become the best version of themselves.


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